Whoops, I missed it!

error 404 - lostOh well, something told me this was going to happen. Yup, I missed it… Last night while lying in bed I realized I did not do a blog post for the day.

What happened?

I am just too busy. There was a lot on my mind. I had a bad day. The dog ate my homework – uh??

Seriously, what happened?
The writing of the blog post lost its priority.

I allowed other things to come into the way of achieving that daily goal. So it is really my own fault? – Yup!

What next?

OK, stuff happens. Can I go back and change it? – No.

What can I do about it? – Probably the most important thing is to learn from it, adapt, and move on.

So what really happened? I mean I planned everything out. Had a good rhythm going and…

The original schedule was to do the blog post in the am right around breakfast, review it at lunch and then post it. I have been getting up a bit later than originally planned so the morning time is limited. I adapted and started writing at lunch. Not a big deal, although I don’t always get time at lunch. <hint hint>

A couple of times I did write the articles at lunch, then reviewed / published in the evening. One day I didn’t even write it until later in the evening. Notice the trend?

As my days are getting busier some things are being pushed to later. That is ok. We all need to adapt. I truly want to make the writing a part of my daily routine, and will need to prioritize it appropriately.

All of this can be worked out with better planning. I am going day to day knowing what to do and “fitting things in” throughout the course of the day. This is fine for things lower in the priority list, not so much for things higher in the list. I need to get back [start?] writing a daily task list and prioritizing the to-do’s on a daily basis.

What does it all mean?

Just like my website blog title: Learning to Live, Living to Learn this is an ongoing effort. I may get older , I will never stop learning.

I am trying to fit in a LOT of things in the course of the day. That’s good. There is a balance to be had somewhere. I know if I keep plugging along and keeping the important things front and center it will all work out in the end. He has a plan!

Like a friend says, if this is the worse that happens today, then it’s still a great day!

As always, Truly Blessed!

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