Lately, I have heard the term “bucket list” and it just doesn’t sit right with me. I know it is a common saying, I just don’t like it.

What is it?

The bucket list is a list of items that is to be done before one “kicks the bucket”. You know, the once in a lifetime things. A really important achievement that you will accomplish during your lifetime. I get it. I just don’t like the negativity associated with the term.

A different thought

Instead of saying “I want to do this before I die” how about making it a little more positive? How about “this I will accomplish while I live!”

Instead of a bucket list, I will create a living list. Each day, week, month I make plans on things to accomplish or challenges to complete. These are the things which drive me to get things done. The list expands with every new idea I get and makes it more and more interesting.

There are quite a few things on my living list. Some I share openly, others I keep very privately. In all cases they are written down and reviewed from time to time.

It seems as a couple of things I am working towards don’t seem to materialize, or take turns in different directions. I keep hearing and reading about not giving up and keep on. The next big success can be just below the surface and waiting to pop.

The next best thing to do is review what has been happening, take a step back and go at it again. Keep getting up, keep plugging away.

More and better to come. Joy and abundance is imminent!

Next Challenges

There are a lot of things I will accomplish as I enjoy life. These are the things I will live for. These are the things on my list! I am going through another 12 month / year review and I am really grateful for all that I have been given. The last year has proven to be challenging and rewarding. I am charged and ready for more.

How about you? Are you ready to kick the bucket list?

Truly Blessed!




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  1. Virginia Worrell on November 29, 2014 at 6:46 am

    I love the “living list”. I never liked the term bucket list either and will not use it! All I can say is that it is an excellent change and indication you are very “Alive”. How wonderful you recreated that! We are all creative by nature and By living the Law of Growth our bodies and minds know this automatically. It is nice to create a space for good, joy and peace to come to you. We are not marionettes on a string controlled by someone else. We are our own power to direct our own experiences and choices.

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