Now that is a bit weird, a TAR plan? What could that mean? This is something that came to me during a run. A simple three point plan towards accomplishing a goal.

smiling and thinkingThoughts

There is a well known process when setting goals using positive affirmations and written goals. What you think you become. Really pretty simple when yo uget down to it. goes with another well known saying

If you think you can or if you think you can’t, you are right.

Your path to success or failure is well determined by the thoughts you have during the day. One way to keep the thoughts positive and on the right track is to write your goals on “goal cards” or notes. Keep these cards with you and close to your person. In your pocket, wallet, on your bathroom mirror, keep copies every where you will see and review them.

During the day take out your goal cards and read them out loud. Say the goal affirmatively and with passion. State the goal in the present tense. Don’t foget to include the time part of your SMART goal.

One of my goals and positive affirmation statements is:

By February 19th I am so happy and grateful that I weigh less than 175 pounds and I am under 15% body fat.

This is a great SMART goal and has all the required key items:

  • Specific (specific weight and body fat %) – under 175 pounds and under 15% body fat.
  • Measureable – uses data points, weight and fat % which will be measured with a scale and body fat caliper.
  • Attainable – I will accomplish this by losing 1.5 pounds per week which I know I am capable of. This is also an aggressive goal.
  • Relevant – This goal is a part of the larger aspirations I have of living a healthy life, exercising regularly and eating well.
  • Time Bound – has a specific end date to be completed by – February 19th.


mountain bike - get back upIn order for me to accomplish this I will write out my goal card and keep with me. This will also mean I need to keep on track through the holidays. I cannot let my guard down.

I will be eating right and working out consistently. Both of these items need proper planning to execute properly. I will continue to plan my workouts weekly. I will plan my meals to keep within the calories required to meet my goal. I will need to maintain a calorie deficit of 500 calories a day to lose 1 pound a week.

The other side of the spectrum means I need to burn an additional 500 calories a day to lose the other (1/2) pound a week.

Although exercising accounts for burning calories and raising your metabolism, the combination of exercise and proper diet will set the tone. It is the combination of eating right and exercising that will allow the consistent fat loss.


treadmill workoutThrough this I will need to track data. Oh yeah, everything goes back to data… Fun is.

I have a few items I use to accomplish this. Microsoft Excel for tracking and estimating weight / dates. An app that works online and on your smart phone called “Lose It!”. This allows me to track food intake, weight and exercise (calories burned). I use this as an after the fact tool, not a planning tool – one of the reasons I still rely on Excel quite a bit. A good digital scale and body fat calipers work great together. We do not want to focus on weight loss, we want to focus on fat loss – big difference!

Another app I have become fond of is called Strava. This app runs on my phone during running / biking and tracks speed, time, distance and maps out the coordinates. It is a social app that lets you follow other athletes, friends and professionals, and you can comment on and give kudos on their workouts.

Tanita TBF-310Strava is similar to Map my run I have just found it to have a bit more detail with regards to PR’s (personal records) and segment comparison with other athletes. You can use this information to make your workouts a bit more challenging. You can race against others or just compete against yourself.

When I had my heart attack last year I purchased a Garmin Forerunner 110 to keep track of my heart rate. I have just started to work in heart rate training into my routines. At this point it is more of an exercise to learn more.

The Garmin and Garmin Connect (on line) works very similar to Strava. Although I use the Garmin to track heart rate data, I find a bit more to work with on Strava. You never know… I may go back to Map My Run or the Garmin app too. Always things to check out.

It works!

I have used this process for quite a few goals to date. When I keep with the program and stay on track there is not one goal I have not achieved. Although it is a system I have put in place I cannot take credit, except for the TAR name. 🙂

Thanks to the many wonderful books I have read and the support of friends and “accountability partners” I have accomplished much through the grace of God!

As always, Truly Blessed!



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  1. mary on November 26, 2014 at 9:48 am

    FitBit $99 MUCH less manual accountability for you! Again, GREAT post!

    • dennisbosse on November 26, 2014 at 11:41 am

      Hello Mary,
      I will need to look up the data / site where the information gets kept. There is always something else.. 🙂


  2. Rick Mooney on February 18, 2015 at 8:13 am

    Great stuff: Logical and makes good, sound sense. Setting attainable stepwise goals is key, as is combining exercise AND good eating habits. I think people get into trouble when they set goals that are too big and try to tackle them all at once. Better to do one good thing every day and build on that.

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